Information on commissioning an original artwork….

I offer original oil paintings stretched on sturdy hand built stretcher frames, surfaces carefully primed and painted to last. Any shape, size or dimension can be considered from postcard size to mantelpiece size or a great drawing room vista! It really is up to you - a painting commission is a collaborative artwork, your vision, my brush.

How much will it cost?

The pricing generally depends on the size / dimensions of the painting, once I know this I should be able to provide you with a round price into which materials and other costs are figured…..and that’s it, there’d be no extra costs unless a painting were to be framed. Of course should there be any special travel expenses these too would be added onto the price, as would any shipping costs will should you require the artwork to be couriered to you.

As a way of fixing the price of their commission, many people tend to feel more comfortable providing a budget or maximum spend to work within, this usually works rather well for both parties.

In order for work on the painting to begin a 50% deposit will be due, this is also detailed in the commission agreement which you can view by following the link below.


How long will it take?

It is quite possible, especially if the painting is a gift, that you will have a deadline by which you would like to receive the painting. This is no problem, although dependant on subject matter large oil paintings can take many weeks to complete so I ask that you try to be realistic in your ambitions and notify me of your timescale at the first possible opportunity.


How do I get started?

There’s no time like the present, get in touch and we'll discuss your ideas........

Contact me about a commission here

Click here to view the commission agreement 

NB. This agreement is to be completed by both the artist and client; I will require a signed hardcopy prior to commencement of the commission.

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