"The world is wide, no two days are alike, nor even two hours"

John Constable

The landscape is a living, breathing entity in a constant state of change, to devote time to walking in it and painting in it is to help the mind in its daily focus. It reminds us of the uniqueness of each moment and of all the things that are too easily missed. It reminds us to look, and look closer still.

What I try to achieve through my landscapes is a record of my experiences, a record of the kind of events that happen when you are alone in and engaged with the landscape. Just like each moment in nature is unrepeatable, so is each mark that I make in response to it, thus each painting made out in the landscape is as unique and inimitable as nature herself.

I hope to show those effects of nature that we know intimately, yet for some reason seem to forget about until art reminds us. These things can easily pass us by, either because we do not look for long enough or because the landscape is something which never stands still for a second.

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